What is the difference between Tradyflow & Bullseye?

Trady flow simply looks at repeat flow and surfaces it. Therefore, it is simply showing what other market participants are doing & their actual bets. However, Bullseye actually tries to front-run what others might do. It tries to predict which contracts will get flow from market participants, which is inherently a very hard task. Therefore, you will see that Trady Flow is more risk averse while Bullseye is both very risky and very rewarding. Moreover, Bullseye trady ideas are only for a day or two no matter their expiration, while Trady flow signals depend on the actual expiration date of the contracts. Finally, Bullseye only predicts that the price of the contract will go up or down, Trady Flow predicts that the price of the contract will go in the money.

If you do not like risk, we would highly suggest staying away from Bullseye and only using Tradyflow.