Tradytics University

Here are all the important resources you need to watch or read in order to understand how to best use Tradytics.

Video Course Channel

Tradytics Introduction Videos

In order to quickly familiarize yourself with Tradytics, you can watch the following videos. These are must for every user because without them, you will not be able to understand our platform.

Educational Material for Trading

Trading is not a scheme to get rich quickly. If you believe that, sooner or later, you will lose plenty of money.
We recommend educating yourself about all aspects of trading by using resources that other great traders have put forward.
Here is some great educational material to get started. Please put abundant time on your trading education, you owe it yourself.

Video Book Channel Easy Medium/Hard Recommended


First, you need to understand financial markets to get a broader view of everything. If you are already a finance major, you can probably skip this.


Before diving into any type of advanced trading methods like Options Trading, Futures Trading etc, you need to first learn about stock trading, technical indicators, and charting patterns.

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