Darkpool Market Summary

Darkpool market summary including indices flow, most bullish and bearish stocks, largest trades, and more.

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Darkpool Trades Today

Individual largest darkpool and blocktrades today. We only count trades that are atleast a small percentage of the total marketcap of the stock.

Time Symbol Type Price
Size Value
Sector Mcap Proportion
SPY Algo Sentiment

Algo sentiment for SPY based on darkpool. Below 0 is bearish and above is bullish.

QQQ Algo Sentiment

Algo sentiment for QQQ based on darkpool. Below 0 is bearish and above is bullish.

Highest Change

Stocks with highest percentage change in their total darkpool amount, bought positions, or sold positions.

Largest Trades

Single darkpool trades with the highest value.

Sector Darkpool Amount

Total amount of darkpool trades for each sector.

Sector Net Amount

Net value i.e bought shares vs sold shares for darkpool and block trades for each sector.

Darkpool Ticker Dashboard

All symbols with their darkpool statistics.

Symbol Sentiment Total
Amount Change

All darkpool and blocktrades data is delayed by 15 minutes. We only analyze and use trades that are worth atleast a small portion of the total marketcap. This reduces noise and gives us better signals.
Sometimes, darkpool data for indices can be delayed by upto 24 hours, that's how exchanges work, it's not our fault, every platform gets the same data.

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