Nancy Pelosi Trade Summary

Trade summary of Nancy Pelosi. Latest trades, portfolio performance, symbol allocation, and more.

Recent Largest Trades

Stocks with Most Money

Stocks that have the largest inflow of money over the last 6-12 months.

Most Traded Stocks

Stocks that were most traded over the last year by Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi ETF

Nancy Pelosi ETF - this is designed by taking into account the trades taken by Nancy Pelosi on a rolling window basis. Allocation weights for each symbol are given in the widget below in case you want to follow this ETF. Please note that the ETF is built by making a few assumptions and filters and might not correspond 100% to the each senator's trade, it is only an estimation of congress's trades.

ETF Allocation Timeline

Percentage of allocation of each symbol at different times. The Nancy Pelosi ETF is always changing as new trades by Nancy Pelosi come in, which is why the symbol allocation is dynamic. Hovering over each bar will give you details about the allocation.

ETF's Symbol Performance

Weighted historical performance of each symbol in the ETF.

Nancy Pelosi Trades

A history of all Nancy Pelosi trades taken place in the last year. Clicking on the transaction date will take you the original filing. The change & profits values are calculated by looking at when senators went in and out of trades. These are estimated values and we cannot always determine for sure when a trade was exited due to the nature of secrecy with senator trades.

Transaction Symbol Type Amount Representative Traded at Price now Change Profits Closed At

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