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Tradytics AI Discord Bots

For most of our AI tools, we have also developed discord bots that you can integrate in your channel and let your users get predictions and stats for whatever tickers they like.
If you'd like to know about our bots, please visit our discord bots landing page.


These are a collection of bots that automatically post content on your discord throughout the day without any manual intervention.

Trady Flow Bot
Options Trade Ideas

Trady flow looks at repeat and dominant options signals that have a high success rate of hitting in the money.

Bullseye Bot
Options Trade Ideas

Bullseye is an AI signal tool that anticipates intraday movements in options contracts.

Scalps Bot
Stock & Options Ideas

Scalps used the strat to look at quick stock and options signals that pans out immediately.

Sweeps Bot
Large Options Sweeps

High premiums large options sweeps that show conviction buyers are shares via this bot.

Golden Sweeps Bot
1 Million+ Sweeps

Unusually large sweeps with premiums worth over 1 million dollars.

Darkpool Bot
Large Darkpool & Blocktrades

Unusually large darkpool and block trades that are a large proportion of the marketcap.

Insider Bot
Latest Insider Transactions

Daily updates on some of the largest insider transactions that take place in the companies.

Analyst Grades Bot
Daily Analyst Grades

Daily updates on recent analyst upgrades and downgrades from a large list of companies.

Important News
Latest News

Important news related to analyst grades, company ratings, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Stock Breakouts
Daily & Intraday Stock Breakouts

Breakout bot that analyzes over 5k stocks every minute to find breakouts happening in the market.


These are a collection of bots that need to be queried by typing in a command to get results.

AI Predictions
tr-all SYMBOL

Swing and intraday AI predictions combined into a single score for stock movement.

Top Flow

Most bullish and bearish stocks based on their options flow today.

Big Flow
tr-bigflow SYMBOL

10 largest options trades for the symbol today.

Flow Summary
tr-flowsum SYMBOL

Summary of calls, puts, buys, sell, premiums, volume, open interest and more.

Unusual Flow
tr-unusualflow SYMBOL

Top 10 most unusual options trades today for the symbol.

Algo Flow Line
tr-algoflow SYMBOL

Our proprietary algo flow line to anticipate market sentiment.

Flow Heatmap
tr-flowheatmap SYMBOL

Amount of money being spent for top strikes and expiration dates.

Open Interest

Aggregate and expiration-level open interest for the stock.

Implied Volatility
tr-iv SYMBOL

Implied volatility (IV) and IV rank of the symbol.

Largest DP Prints

Top 10 largest dark pool trades from today.

Largest Block Trades

Top 10 largest block trades with side information.

Darkpool Levels
tr-dplevels SYMBOL

Price levels where most darkpool money has been spent.

Recent Darkpool Data
tr-darkpool SYMBOL

Latest darkpool and blocktrades for the symbol.

Support Resistance Levels
tr-srlevels SYMBOL PERIOD

Tradytics algorithmic support and resistance levels for different time periods.

Big Stock Movers

Swing and intraday AI predictions combined into a single score for stock movement.

Simulated Price Projections
tr-projections SYMBOL

Simulated price projections based on monte carlo estimation of historical price.

Insider Trades
tr-insider SYMBOL

Latest and largest insider trades for the company.

tr-seasonality SYMBOL

Weekly and monthly win rates for the symbol.

Revenue Estimates
tr-estimates SYMBOL

Revenue estimates for the next few quarters.

Latest News
tr-news SYMBOL

Important and latest news for the company.

Analyst Grades
tr-analysts SYMBOL

Recent analyst upgrades and downgrades for the company.

Scanner Signals
tr-scany SYMBOL

Scanner signals for the stock from our Scany tool.

Price Trigger AlertsNew

Sets a price alert and DMs you via discord when price reaches the target.

Price ChartingNew

Creates a chart of historical price data. Use the tr-help to find more information.


Get a list of all commands + detailed documentation on how to use them.