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Trading Journal Dashboard

Detailed statistics about how you trade, your win rates, habits, and a lot more. Log, learn, and get better.

Total PNL

Average PNL

Win Rate

Avg Hold Time

Max Drawdown


Calendar View of Daily Trades

Daily journal and statistics of your trades.

Daily & Cumulative PNL

Your daily and cumulative trading performance in terms of profit and loss percentage.

Top Setups

Top setups based on performance percentage.

Symbol Statistics

Your top symbols with their profit and loss percentage.

PNL Distribution

Distribution histogram of your profits and losses from all trades.

Hourly Seasonality

Your performance aggregated across the day.

Top Tools

Ranked profit and loss percentage of your tools.

Stocks Winrate

Stocks winrate

Options Winrate

Options winrate

Long Winrate

Long plays winrate

Short Winrate

Short plays winrate

Your Detailed Journal

Your trades along with all their statistics to help you find your strengths and weaknesses, and get better.

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