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I’ve been taking the bullseyes with 70% confidence or higher…with confluence and TA with great success. The last crm call went 1500%, RIVN went 2500%


Trading options 30 yrs. Invaluable. I use to manually do 1/2 these options scans and cleaning. Unreal access to live data.


Tradytics is by far the best options flow service, the competition does not compare to it, no other product is better, this is the best product in the market by a mile, and I have tested quite a few flow products


Market Net Flow is such an amazing tool. I just made three killer scalps on SPY in a 15 minute period and it's not even power hour yet. It blows everyone else in the options flow space out of the water.


So it's been a year since I joined the Tradytics fam and it's been an unbelievable journey. Not only is this platform an invaluable asset for my trading success, but I've learned so much from the community.


One of the most awesome tools out there simple and cuts through noise

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I am having a hard time understanding the platform, please help.

Our platform can sometimes be a little overwhelming for new traders. We suggest watching our crash course, our tutorials on the Youtube channel, read our blog, and join our discord channel to see how other members use the platform. Just hold tight and spend some time, you will understand everything in no time.

How is Artificial Intelligence being used in the tools?

Our product involves extensive use of AI and Machine Learning by looking at vaste amounts of historical data and training algorithms to identify patterns that can result in directional moves in stocks and options contracts. Our tools learn from the past, continuously identify their weakness, and adapt accordingly by finetuning.

How does Tradytics compare with other competitors?

Our competitors mostly focus on a single theme such as options flow, alerts, etc. We are different because our toolkit is the most comprehensive one out there and helps all types of traders. Our goal is to become a one stop shop for retail traders which means having every data point that a trader might need to make a decision.

What's the difference between discord bot and individual subscription?

Discord bot subscription is only for people who have their own discord servers and want to add our bots to them. Discord bot sub gives you unlimited access to our discord bots for your server. It does not give you any individual access to the platform. That subscription is separate for 69/mo and gives you unlimited access to our website and mobile app.

What if I do not want to continue after my 15 day trial for $15 is over?

You can cancel your subscription any time by going to your profile. Before you do that, if there is any feedback for us or any way we can keep you, please definitely let us know.

Do you have a refund policy?

Once your subscription or trial payment has been charged, we do not have any refund policy. Please be aware of your subscription payment dates and cancel in time if you do not wish to continue your service.

What if I have still any question?

Please click on the chat bot button in the bottom right of the page to contact us. We are always ready to help.