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Tradytics lets you leverage AI and Data Analytics to tap into the kind of knowledge that is only accessible to the big guns on Wall Street. Data driven trade ideas for Stocks, Options, and Crypto.


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AI Trade Ideas

Don't have enough time to research? Our proprietary AI engine analyzes millions of data points to give you simple and profitable trade ideas.

Live Options Flow

Get ahead of others by analyzing where the smart money is being spent via our live options flow tool.

Extensive Scanners

Whatever type of trader you are, our comprehensive scanners enable you to find the best setups using your own set of criterias.

Market Dashboards

Be it Stocks, Options, or Crypto, our dashboards keep you up to date with everything happening in the markets.

Ticker Dashboards

Ticker dashboards lets you dive deeper into fundamentals, technicals, and data driven statistics of individual stocks.

Longterm Portfolios

Some people just want to invest for the long term. Our AI portfolios are designed to consistently beat market returns.

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Live Options Flow

Swing Trade Ideas

Intraday Ideas

Robust Scanners

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Social Media Chatters

Crypto Dashboards

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AI Portfolios

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Tradytics is available on all platforms including Web, iOS, and Android. We have got you covered no matter where you are.

Comprehensive Website

Our web app contains a comprehensive set of both simple and advanced tools to help all kinds of traders.

Lightweight Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are easy-to-use lightweight versions of our website. They only contain the more widely used tools from the website.

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Tradytics mobile app is available
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Discord Bots

Tradytics has created the most comprehensive set of discord bots for stocks, options, and the crypto market. We are bringing institutional grade data right to your discord server.

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We offer the most affordable pricing
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Traders love us

We are loved by the Trading community.

Coming up on six months of using this service and reading the great discussions in this discord. Up 345% on my "gambling" account thus far (alot of that was tesla but at least 1/3 was misc other trades from Tradytics tools or folks here). Really appreciate everyone here and look forward to continued success for us.

If you're looking for a one stop shop for all your trading data & analysis needs with an easy to use UI - look no further than Tradytics. That coupled with a suite of indicators and AI suggestions helps you cut through the noise, know where to look, and then equips you to dig deeper to execute trades with conviction & protection. Tradytics has helped make me thousands of dollars in profit so far.

I joined premium on August 6, 2021. I mainly began using the tools seriously with a strategy about 10 days ago and I'm up $15k from $3k. It's honestly crazy how accurate they can be provided you have an entry/exit strategy of course.

Hey everyone, I would like to say at this time that I am very impressed with this site, I am a premium member for 3 weeks now and have learned a lot of great things since joining, I have been trading actively for about 3 years, have been in several trading rooms with great traders, but since joining this site I realize there is another level of knowledge.

Since joining last month I feel a lot more confident placing all my trades by using the tools to justify my position entries and exits. Bullseye can be hit or miss, but the overall market tools, scany, opintra, and others are super helpful when considering entering a position. Not only that, but many members give good insights on trades and it's nice to bounce ideas of one another.

This platform is so amazing and robust I can't recommend it highly enough. Literally made 4x my investment on the 1st day I used premium. Thank you so much!!!!

How is Artificial Intelligence being used in the tools?

Our product involves extensive use of AI and Machine Learning by looking at vaste amounts of historical data and training algorithms to identify patterns that can result in directional moves in stocks and options contracts. Our tools learn from the past, continuously identify their weakness, and adapt accordingly by finetuning.

How does Tradytics compare with other competitors?

Our competitors mostly focus on a single theme such as options flow, alerts, etc. We are different because our toolkit is the most comprehensive one out there and helps all types of traders.

How to best use the trade ideas given by Tradytics tools?

Our trade ideas are best used if they are considered as potential trade ideas. Since no trading system is 100% accurate, we highly recommend adding some of your own due diligence while using an idea. That has proven highly effective for our existing members.

I am having a hard time understanding the platform, please help.

Our platform can sometimes be a little overwhelming for new traders. We suggest watching our crash course, our tutorials on the Youtube channel, and join our discord channel to see how other members use the platform. Just hold tight and spend some time, you will understand everything in no time.

What if I do not want to continue after my 7 day trial for $7 is over?

You can cancel your subscription any time by going to your profile.

What if I have still any question?

Please click on the chat bot button in the bottom right of the page to contact us. We are always ready to help.