Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
Our product involves extensive use of AI and Machine Learning by looking at vaste amounts of historical data and training algorithms to identify patterns that can result in directional moves in stocks and options contracts. Our tools learn from the past, continuously identify their weakness, and adapt accordingly by finetuning. Moreover, we also use AI to label thousands of news articles every day for different aspects.
Sure, let us talk about the tool one at a time. First, Stock Prophet and Continuation Clairvoyant are two tools that both use three kinds of underlying data to make predictions: 1) Price action 2) Over 20 Technical Indicators, and 3) Volume information. All this information is gathered for every stock after the market ends and is used to find complex patterns that can result in a directional move of the stock. This entire process is handled by our AI algorithms that learn continuously and adapt from their mistakes.

Secondly, we have options based tools that use options flow information instead of price action. Live Options Flow simply shows the options flow without any need of adding AI or analytics. We want to give you the ability to see raw flow if you want to do your own analytics. On the other hand, in Options Psychic, Options Droid, and Bullseye, we let our AI engine analyze the options flow to make directional predictions about stock prices and underlying options contract prices.
The aforementioned products only focus on options flow, which is just one of many tools in our platform. We have also added a number of AI tools on top of live options flow. When using the above mentioned websites, a trader usually has to identify patterns him/herself. However, our algorithms identify these for you and alert you directly for option contracts to trade.
It differs with every tool. Most of our tools with the exception of options droid and bullseye provide weekly alerts i.e the price is expected to move in the predicted direction within a week. If you are an investor and you want longer term alerts, our AI portfolios are built for you. Every portfolio is developed for 1-3 months of investing.
We want to be transparent with our results. Therefore, our Performance Analytics page shows you the rolling results and accuracy of all of our tools.
When you get your free 3 day trial, you are free to cancel it within three days to prevent any charges. We only start charging you after your trial is over.
We are using two sources for our data needs. For options data, we use TradeAlert to obtain live options flow. For stocks and all other kinds of data, we are using IEXCloud.
That's right, but there is a clear difference between them. Clairvoyant only predicts continuation of big movers while Stock Prophet predicts stock directional movements for over 5000 stocks every day. Stock Prophet has also proven to be considerably more accurate than clairvoyany and poses less risk.
Good question. These tools are slightly different in terms of what they do. First, Options Psychic is an equivalent tool of Stock Prophet - the only difference being that it uses Options Flow data to make the prediction while Stock Prophet uses price action, technical indicators, and volume information. Both prophet and psychic predict directions for about a week. Options droid is different in sense that the alerts are posted intraday and are only valid for 2 days. Although both psychic and droid uses options flow data, the prediction is done for the underlying stock instead of options contracts. To remedy this, we developed Bullseye that directly predicts movements of option contracts in short term (1-2 days).

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