AAPL Darkpool Summary

Monthly darkpool summary dashboard for AAPL - Darkpool Levels, Sentiment, and Historical Data

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Signature Prints

Darkpool prints that are reported with almost 24 hour delay are considered as signature prints.

Typically, their price is higher or lower than the price range of today, which lets us gauge whether they were bought or sold positions.

Dark Flow

Darkpool flows show a comparison between the darkpool volume & the price action moves. Generally speaking, large spikes in darkpool volume can signify the start of a strong trend. Is that usually a bullish or a bearish trend? We can identify that from the correlation chart to the right.

Darkpool Correlations

Correlations identify how the future AAPL price changes with darkpool flows amount. You will often see big moves up or down as the value of dark flow increases. Big circle is where we're at right now.

Stock Price & Largest DP Regions

Intraday stock price along with the largest aggregated monthly darkpool levels. Levels above the current price are treated as resistance levels
and are colored red while those below are expected to act as support and are colored green.

Darkpool Levels

Biggest darkpool levels where most money has been spent. These can act as great support and resistance levels since big money comes in on these levels. Green is the biggest level.

Daily DP Amount

Daily total amount spent on all darkpool trades.

Daily BlockTrades Sentiment

Total amount spent daily on bullish and bearish block trades every day.

AAPL Darkpool Sentiment

Cumulative net value of blocktrades which can show us the big money sentiment.

Historical Darkpool Data

Historical DP data from the last month. DP trades are filled off exchange and no one knows the direction of their fill. Green & red backgrounds are signature prints from today.

Time Type Price Shares Value Filed
Historical Blocktrades Data

Historical blocktrades data from last month. These are filled on exchange and we know whether they were at bid (potentially sold) or ask (potentially bought).

Time Type Price Shares Value Filed

All darkpool and blocktrades data is delayed by 15 minutes. We only analyze and use trades that are worth atleast a small portion of the total marketcap. This reduces noise and gives us better signals.
Sometimes, darkpool data for indices can be delayed by upto 24 hours because of how it's reported.

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